Valuation process conducted on the house should be performed with the full knowledge

As announced earlier this year, we are working towards the inclusion of outcome measures within the framework of the programme. Where, for example, a person principally needs the reassurance provided by an alarm service, perhaps accompanied by a small amount of support in claiming benefits or accessing services, there is no strong reason why the receipt of this should be tied to tenure or form of accommodation. This is important, but we believe it is even more so when looking at the provision of the sort of low level support services needed by people in this grouping.

As for care services, there is also an increasing focus on ensuring that services are made available to be provided in the person’s own home. Indeed, this is the grouping of land value qld where there is least likely to be a clear strategic role or lead elsewhere within the authority. As such, lead responsibility for integrating and co-ordinating services will often more properly fall to the Supporting People function.

However, unlike those also receiving care, for people in this group housing related support will normally be the main regular service. The same general considerations apply for this grouping as for people in receipt of care with support. Opportunity Age also identifies this, in the context of services for older people, and commits to taking this forward through Link-Age. Work is underway to develop this approach in more detail, and we expect to be able to publish more on this later in the year.

We believe that individual budgets are a potentially valuable model for extending the principle of user choice to the provision of housing-related support.

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